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As Shell & Turcas, we launched our "Women's Energy in Shell" employment proj- ect, which was the first in the fuel industry in March 2018, with the aim of women's contributing to the economic, social and economic development.

As a company that believes in the power of diversity, in addition to providing economic and social development support by creating employment opportunities for women in the energy sector, we aim to increase the quality of service at stations with this change.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, in cooperation with ISHKUR, we introduced our sector-inspired project "Women's Energy in Shell", with the participation of Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak and Labor and Social Security Minister Julide Sarieroglu.

Our project, developed with the comments from Shell & Turcas field staff, will provide employment for 5000 women in 5 years, until 2023 when the 100th years of the establisment of the Republic of Turkey will be celebrated.

With this project, in more than 1000 Shell stations we operate in Turkey, it is possible to work in different positions such as Station Manager, Front-end Sales Personnel, Market Sales Personnel, Shift Officer, Cleaning Officer, Accounting Personnel and Administrative Affairs Specialist.

While the number of jobs reached by the project continues to increase with each passing day, the recruitment processes of the candidates are carried out through ISHKUR business and vocational consultants in all the activities of Shell & Turcas.

How the application and recruitment process works?

  • The project is being carried out in all regions where Shell & Turcas is operated.
  • Applications are made from our stations, ISHKUR Service Centers and Kariyer.Net.
  • Candidates accepted for employment after the application are trained by experienced Shell training teams in the field. Candidates who complete class and on-the-job training begin their duties.